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Lore Master Collection - The Lore Master Desk Mat

Lore Master Collection - The Lore Master Desk Mat

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Discover the Lore Master's Desk Mat - Immerse in Legendary Tales! Captivating art and symbols, limited edition collector's piece. Unleash your imagination, own a treasure of gaming lore.

Apart from looking cool, these desk mats keep surfaces free from scratches and stains. Great for making spaces more organized with minimal effort. These mats have a smooth surface and a non-slip base. They're durable and will last long without fraying or pilling. Optical and laser mice are supported.

📜  Materials: 100% polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing
📜  One size: 31.5" × 15.5" (80cm × 39.4cm )
📜  Supports optical and laser mice
📜  Smooth surface
📜  Anti-fray edges
📜  Black non-slip base



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